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Welcome to the New Mexico State Land Office Data Pages

This site is a cooperative effort by the NM SLO and the New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Center. Our goal is to make State Land data available to the public in an easy-to-use web site. The data you will find on these pages is what is available in the ONGARD database. It is for state land only, so if you are searching for information on fee or federal lands, you may not find it in these pages. Where possible, we have linked this data to our production data search pages, so you can find out still more about your wells and properties of interest.


The site currently consists of these pages:

      Land Details: Inquire what New Mexico State leases are present for a section of land (Section, Township, Range). Note: this page displays only State leases.
      List All Leases: Allows you to retrieve in-depth information about a Lease Number (such as A0-1234-0000) or all leases for a company name.
      Billing Information: Retrieve billing information for a lease number.
      Lease Assignment:  Search for active lease assignments. 
      Lease Assignment History: List lease assignment history.
      Unit Inquire: Lookup unitization information.
      Unit Boundaries: Lookup unitization boundaries information.
      List Active Leases: Retrieve a list of leases belonging to a lessee (company).
      Operator Listing: List all operators working under a parent company.
      Communitization Information: Lookup communitization agreements and well completion details by location or communitization name.
      List Assignment: List Assignment since a particular date.


Information in this database is updated on a weekly schedule. Some changes in the information may have occurred since the information you are viewing was entered into the system. In addition, there are other possible sources of error. The user is responsible for making his or her own independent inquiry and determination regarding the accuracy of the information presented by consulting original sources such as leases, or by other means.

The New Mexico State Land Office assumes no responsibility or liability for, or in connection with, the accuracy, reliability or use of the information provided here.